Morning, again; 7am

I was returning home and it was the toughest cold I've experienced this winter. I remembered when I was in school and I used to go through this unbearable cold every morning. Haven't felt that in a while. It was also very pure and the song of the birds was amazing- so potent and clear through the cold morning. Now I'm in my bed, listening to Sirens. I would have taken some pictures of this morning, but my phone was dead. So I took some pictures when I arrived home. It was funny when me and a friend stayed on a sofa and talked and he took his shoes off. I was on the hunt for people to talk to. Even in the subway- I approached this guy, some two chairs away. Hey, do you mind if I talk to you? I also talked to a very young Syrian guy with nice teeth, who told me that what's happening in Syria and the Middle East is a game (of the big powers), and that Syrians feel that they've understood how the world works (power, politics); like a secret the others don't know. At a certain point, I saw a guy wearing my yellow hat. Maurizio. His boyfriend is a teddy bear, he told me, and he's still in love after six years. We talked a lot. He called me several times stupenda. He liked when I said that shame is our parents' gift to us. He bought me two glasses of wine. Towards the morning I talked to a guy who came to sit on a bench next to me, and I asked him what was the best thing that happened to him last year. He said that it was the fact that he had fallen in love. She didn't love him back.