An abandoned school and the sports field.
Gherla, July 2011

 This girl, born in Vama Veche, works in the summertime  as a cleaning girl. The job opportunities in this seaside village are quite limited.
 I took this photo of her, while she was taking a break from her work.

My cousin Cipri and his bestfriend, Raul.After school, they play on the railway tracks
which are just behind the house where Cipri lives.
His grandfather died two months ago
and he now wears his watch.

Teodora, Vama Veche, 2011
Morning in Vilnius, 2011

In my first morning in Estonia, in Tartu, I past by a school where I saw these boys.
In spite of the rain, they were practicing and having a lot of fun..

Two days after photographing the boys playing football in the rain,
I past by that school again, and there they were...some 7th, maybe 8th grade girls playing football.
 It wasn't rainy anymore, but still cold.

TARTU, sept 2011

I met these guys (George and Csabi) this summer, on a 12 hours train trip from Bucharest to Cluj Napoca. They are from a small town in NW Romania, but because they play in the National Junior Soccer Team, they travel quite often to Bucharest. They had just graduated the 8th grade. They warned me that they may get famous one days as soccer players and these pictures of them will then be really valuable.

These are some kids I met on the daily walks between the beach and the camping place
in Sfantul Gheorghe, in the Danube Delta

Sfantul Gheorghe, August 2008