Pietro in Piazza Tevere
Roma, 2011


Images taken from the bus,
somewhere between Tallin and Vilnius

sept 2011

This is a story I haven't planned when taking the photos,
but like all stories, it just bloomed on its own.
It's the stories of some kids with immigrant heritage I have
met on the beach in Barcelona.


Stories from Vilnius

It was Sunday evening, I had arrived in Vilnius and while looking
for the house where I was supposed to stay over, I heard music coming
from a building. It was an art school  and a choir was rehearsing there.
On the ground floor of the music school was this strange museum.

J.Vienožinskis art school
sept 2011

The boy noticed I was taking a picture of him
so he climbed down the tree and he just stood there,
silent, letting me take a photo of him.
 August 2011

The Skate Park in Bucharest.

September 2011