There are certain autumn days that look so grey and cold, you get out of bed and by the moment you have to come to terms with the new day, you realize it’s suddenly getting dark and it’s  already evening. Somehow the image of a girl with long braids, eating a sandwich, even though she put the sandwich aside when I took her the picture, makes a strong contrast with such a day. And I met both the same day, the girl and the day.

I met Alexandra almost by accident. Short story, I had to spend a few hours with this sixteen year old girl. She talks a lot about all kinds of things, her favorite color (blue), her passion for jeans, for Michael Jackson, for photography, her father, her mother, her mother’s boyfriend, her favorite food, the boy that bullied her in the elementary school, but that she now likes, her dog that bit her. We walked a bit in the garden of a Bucharest high school, Lucian Blaga. School gardens are always beautiful in autumn. It was Sunday, so the garden was empty, except for a few cards, left in the grass. 

There it was, an object in the middle of the street that looked like a huge terrestrial globe made of stone and abandoned there. We found it in November, while still wearing sweaters, because it was warm and sunny. We touched it and discovered that it was made of another material, lighter than stone.