While in the metro, I remembered Al Stewart and his song Life and Life Only.
"See the cricket ball fly
Intently, like a strange demented bird towards the sun"
 I got off a few stations earlier and went to see Lacul Morii,  a lake that is pretty close to my home, but still, I never go there.I didn't have my camera and probably it's not even important that I didn't have it.
There were a woman in her fifties and a teenage girl sitting on a bench and talking, probably mother and daughter. It is quite normal to see mothers with theirs babies in parks, or even adult women walking with their old mothers, but you almost never see teenagers talking to their parents on a bench in a park. Both women had long, gracious bodies. I never talked like that to my mother. I think very few parents manage to build up such a relationship with their children. Like in that picture of Sally Mann, where she is with her daughters on a hill and she is teaching them how to piss standing. I think it's very difficult to really be friends with your kids. 
The lake was beautiful. I always forget how beautiful water is. Lakes, rivers, sea. There was the sound of little waves splashing, voices of kids playing and a lot of people jogging. I really don't know why I haven't thought before about jogging around the lake.