About a week ago I received an e-mail from a man from Iowa, US, having the same family name, Mesesan. He told me that his parents moved to the US in the 20s and they were from Hungary. I’ve always supposed that this name, Mesesan, is connected to the Meses Mountains, which are located North of Zalau, my home city, so I thought about sending the man a few photos with the Meses Mountains, which actually look like some tiny hills.
Taking a picture for somebody that is from a different culture and knows nothing about things that are so familiar for you, obliges to explain what is self-explanatory for you. The surprise is that you may start seeing things you took for granted.  

I noticed that a lot of villas and house have been built at the foot of the hills since I moved out of the city. Back in high school, I used to wonder through those woods, have picnics there and it was still pretty empty and wild.  Where the city almost ends and the woods begin, there was a street with old houses, probably built in the 50s or even earlier.  Many of the old houses have been meanwhile demolished and new houses were built.