About 10 km from Bucharest, there is the Mogosoaia Palace, built about 300 years ago by Constantin Brancoveanu and rebuilt in the 1920s by princess Marta Bibescu. It’s located in a dusty commune and to reach the palace, you have to walk about 300m (or even less) from the main boulevard, but the discrepancy between the village, which is poor, dusty, without any spark of glamour and the palace area, which is large, green and full of history, is huge. Anyway, the palace area is stuffed with people walking, taking pictures, making barbecues, picnics, weddings, kids, single women in their 40s, an expensive restaurant located in one of the wings of the palace and many surprising details, including a bucket with rose petals.

On the small road leading to the Palace, about 100m from the main entrance, there where two old ladies chatting and an add saying: we are selling lavender seedlings.