Ale & Ale, May 2016

I saw yesterday my good friends Alexandra Cosma and Alexandra Gavrila who live in a nice apartment in Cluj-Napoca. The second Alexandra shares the room with her boyfriend Arpi, whereas the other one shares the room with Ori, the sweetest cat.

I spent the morning drinking coffee with the two girls, while the cat was looking through the window at a hornet. It was sunny, although the weather forecast for the day had predicted rain. From their big, messy balcony you can see pine trees.

In the afternoon, we all gathered in the room of Alexandra and Arpi. I was writing the news for my job, Alexandra Cosma was reading a book, the other Alexandra was doing an illustration and Arpi was reading about the Republican candidate Ted Cruz who had dropped out of the US presidental elections some hours ago. Ori was sleeping on the bed.

I am most of the time alone at home, so it felt really nice being in a room with many friends, each doing their thing. Meanwhile we drank a glass of beer, and we listened to Bach's Goldberg Variations, suggested by Alexandra Cosma.

I am sure it all sounds a bit idyllic, and probably if we all shared an apartment, we'd have a lot of fights. But it was a nice day.